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Laidlaw Family Law’s professionals have helped countless clients navigate the uncertain waters of divorce, separation, and family disputes throughout the state of Oregon. We know how to help our clients create ideal outcomes for themselves, their children, and the people they love most.

We will guide you with a 360-degree view of your options and best next steps. You don’t have to go it alone.

As your legal partner, we ensure you are informed and protected throughout the process so that you, your children, and your family can have the best outcome possible. Our team works tirelessly to provide clarity for your decision-making and advise to help you weigh the important decisions that will impact your family’s future.

We work with clients in Oregon City, Lake Oswego, West Linn and across the tri-county area.

Family Law

We facilitate outcomes that benefit our clients and their families. As your advocate, we support you through divorce, custody arrangements, and court appearances.


There are many divorce options you can pursue in the state of Oregon. Schedule a consultation now to find the best course of action for your personal situation.


Child custody arrangements are overwhelming to navigate. We walk you through the custody process and help secure a bright future for your children.


With mediation, YOU drive the outcome, not a judge. Our mediators work closely with clients to respectfully reach agreements out of court.

Collaborative Divorce

With collaborative divorce, you benefit from a team approach including attorney counsel as well as guidance from other professionals, such as child specialists and financial advisors.

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Family Law Attorneys Specializing in Divorce & Child Custody

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We know your head may be spinning with questions right now.

  • Who gets custody of my children?
  • How do we sell or divide the family home?
  • How do I safeguard my retirement?
  • What will spousal support be?
  • How is child support determined?

If you’re worried and overwhelmed, we can help you with answers and guidance. We will empower you so that you know your options at each step and can confidently make decisions about your future. Our trusted and experienced lawyers & mediators provide the knowledge, guidance, and support you need to create the best possible outcome for your family. Get started today with a consultation. 

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