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What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is an option for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that closely resembles a court hearing. The arbitrator acts as a judge, although the arbitration sessions usually take place in an office rather than a courtroom. 

In arbitration, a neutral arbitrator hears testimony and evidence from both parties and decides on a resolution. Once the arbitrator makes their decision, both parties are usually bound by that decision. 

What are the Benefits of Arbitration?

Less Formal

Arbitration is less formal than a trial, where you avoid the long and expensive court litigation. Instead, an arbitrator hears evidence from both sides of the case and then makes a decision.

Less Time-Consuming

Typically, arbitration provides faster resolution than a traditional litigated court case. There’s no waiting for court dates or available judges.

Maintain Privacy

With few exceptions, most arbitrations take place in a private conference room rather than a public courtroom.

The Difference Between Arbitration & Mediation

Unlike mediation, the aim of arbitration is not to negotiate and reach an agreement between both parties. Instead, a neutral arbitrator hears both sides of the case, weighs any evidence presented, and makes a decision about the outcome. In mediation, all parties involved in the case work with a neutral mediator to negotiate productively and hopefully agree on a settlement.

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