Collaborative Divorce

Primarily Serving Clackamas, Multnomah & Washington Counties

Collaborative Divorce in Oregon

Primarily Serving Clackamas, Multnomah & Washington Counties

Collaborative divorce is an option to resolve divorces respectfully and without going to court. It is a more holistic way to divorce that aims to minimize damage to both parties and the children. The process involves a team of trained professionals who bring a wide range their areas of expertise to meet your family’s unique needs.

Unlike traditional divorce proceedings, where each side hires a lawyer to ‘fight’ the other party, collaborative proceedings are a cooperative process. The goal is to reach an agreement on all terms, including children, asset division, and other important family issues.

Key Features of Collaborative Divorce

We have seen many positive outcomes from collaborative divorce proceedings. A collaborative divorce can benefit your family in the following ways:

No Court

Participants in the collaborative process agree that they will keep divorce negotiations out of court.

Collaborative Attorney Representation

In the collaborative process, both parties have their own attorneys. This ensures that everyone has all the vital legal advice they need to make well-informed decisions. 

Client Control Over the Outcome

Participants in the collaborative process have complete control over their agreements. The final outcome reflects the true needs of each family member. This is very different from the litigation process, where a judge makes decisions for a family based on the judges experience, opinions, and impressions.

Maintain Privacy

The collaborative process avoids the need for public court appearances or trials. All meetings, discussions, and negotiations are conducted in private.

Support from a Professional Team 

Collaborative divorce involves lawyers, financial specialists, child specialists, counselors, coaches, or other professionals. The participation of these experts ensures that each party obtains the information and support they need to make informed decisions.

Collaborative Divorce Compared to “Traditional” Divorce

A collaborative divorce is a better way to divorce. The process offers an alternative to traditional divorce litigation, which often ends in a lengthy courtroom battle. Collaborative divorce allows couples to customize their settlement in a way that works for them and their children. 

Here is a helpful comparison chart between “traditional” and collaborative divorce:

“Traditional” Divorce

  • Court is often required
  • Attorneys focus on fighting the other party
  • Parties focus on their own personal wants/needs
  • Increases conflict, anxiety & stress
  • Children become pawns
  • Outcome is decided by a judge
  • Divorce details are public record
  • Focuses on win-lose outcomes

Collaborative Divorce

  • No threat of court
  • The parties find a positive solution for the entire family
  • Mutually beneficial agreements for both parties
  • Decreases conflict, anxiety & stress
  • Children are a top priority
  • Divorcing couples maintain control over outcome
  • Divorce details are private
  • Focuses on win-win outcomes
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