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Mediation in Oregon

Mediation is designed to help couples make decisions about their future with assistance from a trained mediator. Couples can resolve disputes quickly and peacefully without going to court. Mediation is required to settle nearly all family law matters and is appropriate for cases both with and without children.

A mediator cannot sign off on the final decisions or settlement, but they can help you reach an agreement without a judge’s involvement throughout the negotiation process. Once parties reach an agreement in mediation, the decision must be submitted to the court for final approval. 

If your dispute cannot be resolved through mediation, it may go to court. If this is the case, your work with the mediator remains confidential.

Key Features of Mediation

Negotiate with a Neutral Mediator

Participants resolve their dispute with the help of an impartial, neutral mediator. Our mediators can help both parties communicate clearly to reach a mutually agreeable solution. In family cases, our mediators draft the documents that need to be filed with the court. In most cases, no court hearings are necessary.

You Control the Outcome

Mediation participants have complete control over their case. The final agreements reflect the true needs of each individual and family. This is very different from the litigation process, where a judge makes decisions based upon their experience, opinions, and impressions after spending only a few hours with the family and their attorneys.

Private & Informal

The mediation process is confidential. All meetings and discussions are conducted in private, and vital facts and comments during the proceedings are kept from becoming public. Since meetings are held out of court, the process is also less formal.


Mediation is less time-consuming than litigation. It is easiest to reach an agreement quickly if mediation is sought early enough in the separation or divorce process.

Professional Support

Mediators are trained to work through difficult conflicts and situations. As experienced mediators, we listen to both sides and help you quickly reach an agreement. 


Mediation is completely voluntary. Either party can withdraw at any time. Nobody can be forced to continue mediating if they don’t want to.

Reduced Costs

Mediation is usually more affordable than traditional divorce litigation. Since the goal of mediation is to respectfully and efficiently reach an agreement out of court, this also helps reduce your divorce costs.

When to Consider Mediation

Mediation works best when both parties are willing to participate in a good faith negotiation. You should consider mediation if:

  • Both you and your spouse agree that a divorce is necessary or wanted
  • Both spouses recognize the importance of “give and take” 
  • Both spouses want what is best for their children (even if they don’t agree on exactly what that means) 
  • There’s no history of domestic violence or abuse.

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