Laidlaw and Laidlaw Tips for Minimizing Legal Fees

We understand that paying for legal services can be a huge burden- it’s expensive! However, there are ways to help keep your bill down. These are tips that we give our own clients, but we feel they are relevant regardless of the firm you are working with.

  1. Consolidate your communications. One of the best ways to minimize your legal fees is to be efficient and concise in your communication with the firm. We understand that our clients will have many questions and concerns throughout the legal process- we expect and encourage this! We want our clients to reach out with these concerns. However, reducing the quantity of emails and calls to your attorney will allow them to be more efficient in their responses. As an example, it is better to compile your questions and send them over in one bullet-pointed email than it is to send many separate emails as you think of things. If your questions and concerns are lengthy or complex, it is better to call the firm and set up a time to discuss those topics with the attorney over the phone or in the office. If you only have one brief question, an email is likely the best choice. Attorneys will bill for the time spent on your matter regardless of whether it was an email, phone call, or in-person meeting. It is best to choose the form of communication that will be most efficient.
  2. Complete your client homework in a timely manner. In order for an attorney to complete the work they have been hired to do, they will need ample information from their client. This often takes the form of worksheets and forms for clients to fill out, and specific documents for the client to gather and send to us. When your attorney has requested these things from you, they should become a high priority! Be sure to begin working on these tasks as soon as possible, and make sure to calendar any deadlines your attorney gives you. You will be billed for the time the firm spends reminding you to complete client homework- don’t make them chase you down! Another great way to keep costs down is to organize documents and information before providing it to your attorney or their paralegals. For example, if you are asked to provide financial statements, do your best to label and organize them before providing them to the firm. Anything you can do on your end to simplify or streamline processes will result in you saving money. Feel free to reach out to the attorney and/or paralegals working on your case to find out how you can make things easier for them!
  3. Be honest. It is very important that the information and answers you provide are accurate and honest. The attorney will use this information to guide the trajectory of your case and influence their work. Misleading the attorney or presenting half-truths can result in a work product that needs to be corrected, duplicated, or reworked. We are here to help you! Be as truthful as you can and don’t leave out any details- even those you feel may not be relevant.

The best way to save money during your legal case is to help keep things moving as efficiently as possible. As the client, you are the driving force in your case. Communicate concisely, stay organized, and be truthful!